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  • LM-601-3
  • 产品介绍

Door leaf specifications:

  The maximum size of the door leaf: 1020mm X 2360mm X 50mm

   Package frame size: 900mm X 2100 mm X 40mm X 180 mm (wall thickness)

Selling point:

◆ Door cover: Made of titanium magnesium alloy, science and technology aerospace aluminum and other sophisticated, high-end atmosphere;

◆ Door base material: It adopts bridge mechanics board, fir square, square pipe, etc. It is soundproof, environmental protection, strong insulation performance, strong impact resistance, no deformation;

◆ Door surface material: ecological panels, aluminum trim strips, aluminum sealing, rich color, elegant, stylish, moisture-proof, wear-resistant, easy to clean;

◆ Hinge: There are three kinds of adjustable concealed hinges and flag hinges: stainless steel and imported ultra-high polymer materials are refined, compact structure, silent opening and closing door locks: fashionable, stylish, durable;

◆ Structural features: Suitable for all kinds of wall thickness, with special hardware, reinforced square tube inside the door, aluminum alloy frame edge, not easy to deformation, strong impact resistance;

◆ Product installation features: quick and easy installation, convenient and flexible parts replacement, easy to install, easy to disassemble;

◆ The shape is simple and bright, with less decoration, it can stand the test in the fashion trend, and the performance and the green environmental protection are in stark contrast with the traditional doors. The selection of advanced materials with outstanding personality, coupled with sophisticated technology, creates top-quality perfection. The perfect combination of traditional wood style and modern style of the door, function and aesthetics have been reflected in extraordinary.