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Ling Zhirong as wide, artificially high mountain peaks! China - Guangfeng

Guangzhou guangfeng marketing Sdn Bhd is located in the beautiful Pearl River-Guangzhou, founded in early 2005, is a facility specializing in the production of interior doors in southern China's large-scale modern enterprise.

In the development of large-scale operation and standardized management of, companies adhering to the "quality, service, integrity and brand" business philosophy, to optimize processes, constantly develop fashionable, the added value of interior doors, creating maximum economic benefits for our customers. Today, guangfeng door industry with production base of more than 20,000 square meters, the middle and senior technical personnel to more than 300 people, the monthly production capacity of more than 20,000 sets. At present, the company mainly in solid wood composite doors, steel doors and security doors, wooden doors, aluminum magnesium titanium four series of products, fashionable and elegant, distinctive color, flowing lines and textures clear, strong, has great Visual sense and artistic sense, applies to hotels, hospitals, office buildings, various types of rooms and the different levels of consumer demand. 

Quality is the basis of survival, innovation is the Foundation of enterprise development. Guangfeng people insist on the genuine article at the same time, and pay attention to every detail, and every product. Company focuses on developing a high level of research and development teams, through careful grasp of market demand, focused on meeting the demand of humanity, adhering to the traditional art, absorb classical European style, excellence of extreme temper, broad peak into a colourful art and high rank. 

Walk the road, making the brand a century enterprise! Companies in their efforts to build their own products at the same time, also attaches great importance to the establishment of brand image and improve and strictly adhered to "create an international brand" business target, pooling of resources, with strong economic strength, the introduction of complete sets of CNC technology and computer network management system and intelligent production line, industrial scale and operating strength ranking first in the forefront of the domestic industry. Meanwhile, the company and China Central television, China doors and home business today, China's soufun, China as well as some local TV stations and many other coal cooperation, or in other ways for publicity and branding, to broad peak to expand market share and achieve broad peak to products of high quality, high demand has laid a solid foundation. 

Through broad peak people for their tireless efforts, has won the "green products in Guangdong Province", "Chinese market assured that building materials", "quality, service, reputation 3A Enterprises" and other honors. On April 3, 2009, guangfeng was elected as Vice Chairman of China Steel wood doors special committees, and won the inaugural China steel door industry outstanding brand award, top 20 steel doors industry and so on, participating in national steel wooden doors making steel-wood door industry standards. Steel doors industry in 2011 as the country top ten, top ten enterprise honorary title.

"Guided by the international market in order to improve economic efficiency as the Center". At the same time enhance technical support of institutional capacity and strength, the leadership and foresight, adjusting the enterprise's business strategy and operations, achieve the goal of occupation and the improvement of the competitiveness of enterprises in the market. Rely on product quality and marketing team excellence, pioneering, and gradually expand the market space, network coverage to the country's 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. Over more than 1000 dealers, more than more than more than 200 stores and more than 400 stores, and exported to markets such as Europe, America and Southeast Asia. 

In recent years, companies adhering to the "strengthening management of technological innovation and enhance core competitiveness," business development ideas. In quality control, technological development, product innovation, internal management, and other aspects of enterprise development, has taken a series of effective measures, higher Japanese Nikka, Nissin, which formed a team of "rapid response action immediately" effective team. For on the international competitive stage enterprises laid a solid foundation. 

Green home, harmony! Environmental protection. Is the theme of the 21st century cannot be ignored today, guangfeng doors industry and strive for excellence. New concept for you to build a green home! 

Faced with today. We strive to create the future, faith in us! Guangfeng people. Heir to the glory and the dream, based on the strong foundation, continue to focus on building international brand companies, interior door industry leader way ahead!

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